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Clinical Depression Linked to Inflammation in the Brain

depression sufferer

In today’s blog, Dr. Michael Omidi discusses a recent study published on inflammation in the brain of those with severe depression. He then gives advice on how we can reduce inflammatory properties in our body. A recent study published in JAMA Psychiatry associated severe depression with a 30% increase of inflammation in the brain. Inflammation… Read More

Are You at Risk for Pneumonia?


  In today’s blog post, Dr. Michael Omidi writes about the threat of pneumonia and how to spot the symptoms. For some reason, people seem to focus on all the “new” viruses and diseases that appear in news headlines each season. Unfortunately, it’s easy to forget about some very serious maladies that make the rounds… Read More

Doctors’ New Weapon against Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria


New Antibiotic In this blog post, Dr. Michael Omidi writes about science’s battle against antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Scientists have recently announced the discovery of a new class of antibiotics that will help fight antibiotic-resistant bacteria. The announcement was good news since bacterial infections have become increasingly difficult to treat due to the widespread overuse of antibiotics… Read More

New Study Shows the Importance of Exercise and Physical Activity


Dr. Michael Omidi writes about the importance of maintaining an active lifestyle. New research shows that a sedentary lifestyle has a higher premature risk of death than obesity. The study by the University of Cambridge, which was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, found that even a small amount of physical activity is… Read More

The Truth About E-cigarettes

In this post, Dr. Michael Omidi discusses the dangers e-cigarettes pose to both adults and children. An electronic nicotine delivery system (ENDS) is a largely unregulated product that can affect the health of children and nonsmokers alike. E-cigarettes were introduced to the market in 2007 as harmless water vapor cigarettes to help those who want… Read More

Slow Medicine is Quickly Changing the Way Doctors Work

Dr. Michael Omidi

Dr. Michael Omidi discusses a trend emerging in medicine known as slow medicine. The practice is borrowing principles from the slow food movement to provide patients with better treatment. You have probably heard references to the body being like a machine. Western medicine has taken this viewpoint since the industrial revolution, for the most part.… Read More

The Health Benefits of Yoga

Michael Omidi Yoga

Dr. Michael Omidi is an advocate for human health. Here he discusses the physical and psychological benefits of yoga. Many health trends are based on shaky science and leave the social sphere as quickly as they come. Some stand the test of time and evidence continues to mount in support of them. Yoga has been… Read More

Making Progress Against Malaria

(Dr. Michael Omidi discusses recent findings on the battle against malaria around the world.) The World Health Organization (WHO) has reported progress in the fight against malaria. Between the years 2000 and 2013, figures show a decrease of 47 percent of malaria deaths around the world and 54 percent drop in Africa where 90 percent… Read More

Learning from the Healthiest Nations

Dr. Michael Omidi is an advocate for health and wellness, especially children’s health. In this article, Dr. Omidi addresses a recent Oxfam America report about the healthiest and unhealthiest nations. Which countries have the healthiest diets, and which ones have the worst? A new report from Oxfam America ranked nations according to overall obesity rates,… Read More

Florida No-Kill Shelter May Close Down

No-Kill Shelter May Close

In today’s blog, Dr. Michael Omidi discusses a Florida no-kill animal shelter that is facing closure. Pet abandonment is a major issue in the United States. The ASPCA estimates that between 6 and 8 million companion animals are admitted to shelters each year. And of those, nearly half are euthanized. These figures are heartbreaking for… Read More