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Risk of Death from Colon Cancer Increases with Obesity


Dr. Michael Omidi discusses a new study that obese people who are diagnosed with colon cancer have an increased risk of dying. Obesity is considered a chronic health disease that can lead to many other health problems like diabetes and a heart attack. A new study found that obese people who become diagnosed with colon… Read More

In the Spotlight: Martha Ryan – Founder of Homeless Prenatal Project


Dr. Michael Omidi, cofounder of Civic Duty, spotlights Martha Ryan, the founder of San Francisco’s the Homeless Prenatal Project, a service that offers needed assistance to pregnant homeless women. How can a person mired in poverty, possibly addicted to drugs or alcohol and suffering from mental disorders possibly make her situation worse?  By becoming pregnant.… Read More

ADHD Steroids and Obesity May Share Link

          Recent studies have found that children who have been prescribed stimulant drugs for the treatment of Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder are more likely to suffer from obesity than children who have been prescribed non-stimulant medications or just behavior therapy.  In the following article, Dr. Michael Omidi discusses this newly… Read More

Chronic Pain & the Elderly


Dr. Michael Omidi discusses the onset of chronic pain in the elderly, and the fact that it can very often be treated, allowing the patient greater independence and comfort.  It is a very human trait to try to downplay pain and discomfort in order to spare our loved ones worry.  It is also very common… Read More

Overweight Older Women at Higher Risk for Immobility

Becoming gradually less active is all-too common as we age – we become sedentary, our hormone productions diminish and we might begin to gain weight.  Now, a recent study has found that overweight older women are at a disturbingly higher risk for immobility than thinner older women.  Michael Omidi discusses the study and the risks… Read More

Rise of Heroin Addiction in the U.S.


In the following article, Dr. Michael Omidi discusses the surge in heroin addiction in the U.S. in the past 10 years. The death of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman has sparked a national awareness campaign about the dangers of heroin. But how could a something that was widely viewed as localized urban blight have spread so… Read More

Civic Duty Applauds Local Hero Anthony Tolbert

The following Civic Duty local hero profile is dedicated to Anthony Tolbert, a Los Angeles resident who has given his own home to people in need. Dr. Michael Omidi discusses the root of Mr. Tolbert’s generosity. It is often said that charity starts at home, and that is certainly the case for Tony Tolbert. Since… Read More

Correlation Between Diet Soda & Obesity?


Dr. Michael Omidi discusses an article about the correlation between drinking diet sodas and obesity. We might think that substituting diet sodas for full calorie beverages is helping us curb our overall calorie and sugar intake, but new evidence shows that might not be the case. Overweight adults are twice as likely to consume diet… Read More

Lack of Sleep May Raise Your Diabetes Risk


Dr. Michael Omidi examines an article about how poor sleep is linked to an increased risk for Type 2 diabetes. Research done at the University of Chicago Medical Center found that suppression of “slow-wave sleep” in healthy young adults significantly decreases their ability to regulate blood-sugar levels and increase the risk of type 2 diabetes.… Read More

3 Biggest Risk Factors in Childhood Obesity Can Be Managed


Dr. Michael Omidi discusses an article about how it is possible to modify the most significant risk factors for obesity amount preschoolers. The three risk factors include: having a mom or dad with a body mass index indicative of being overweight or obese, not getting enough sleep, and having eating restricted by parents for the… Read More