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Just How Bad are Sugary Beverages?

Sugar beverages raise the chance of type 2 diabetes

Dr. Michael Omidi discusses the negative impact that sugary and sweetened beverages have on your health. There has long been criticism about sugary and sweetened beverages. The old adage “it will rot your teeth” was common prior to the ever increasing amount of scientific data against the consumption of sugary beverages, but how bad is… Read More

Lack of Sleep May Impact a Child’s Health

A child's health and academic perforrmance may be impacted by lack of sleep.

Dr. Michael Omidi discusses a study that reveals a child’s health may be impacted when deprived of sleep. Do you know how much sleep your child needs? According to a study, adolescents need 9 to 10 hours of sleep per night. This is quite longer than the commonly thought 8 solid hours. And it might be… Read More

In the LGBT Community, Bisexuals More Likely Poor and in Poor Health

Bisexuals are more likely to have poor health

Dr. Michael Omidi discusses a new study which found bisexual men and women were more likely to be poorer and in poor health than heterosexuals, gays and lesbians. June has put the LGBT community in the spotlight. After the President named June a national LGBT pride month and the Supreme Court announced the constitutionality of… Read More

Teens are not Getting Enough Water

Teens are not getting enough water a new study says

Dr. Michael Omidi discusses a new study that found teens are not getting enough water for adequate hydration. With the prevalence of soda, energy drinks and coffee, it’s easy to see the lack of appeal water may have for teens. A new study found that teenagers are not getting enough water. Today, I’ll review the study, and… Read More

Teens use Technology to Research Health Tips

Teens use the Internet for health information

In today’s entry, Dr. Michael Omidi discusses a Northwestern University study which viewed teenager’s tendencies to look for health information online. Since the early days of the Internet, teens have flocked to the technology. The current generation of teens is fueling rapid growth in information sharing applications like Snapchat and Instagram, among others. A new… Read More

School Lunch Programs in California Help Reduce Child Obesity

california is helping fight child obesity with lunch programs

In today’s entry, Michael Omidi discusses how California school lunch programs help fight child obesity. Competitive food and beverage policies in California have been aiming to help fight child obesity in schools. The lunchroom at schools has always been a place of potential for child obesity. Depending on a child’s social circle, they previously could… Read More

Dangers of Plastic Surgery Tourism

body shaming towards plastic surgery patients

In today’s blog, Dr. Michael Omidi discusses the dangers of plastic surgery tourism. He then advocates getting surgery in the US by board certified plastic surgeons. If you read up on the news, you can see two things. The first, plastic surgery tourism is on the rise. The second, plastic surgery tourism is dangerous. Today… Read More

How to Make Your Refrigerator ‘Poison-free’


  Dr. Michael Omidi is the co-founder of No More Poverty, among other charities dedicated to the welfare and wellbeing of others. Today, he looks at the topic of food safety in the home. It seems we read of a new virus or bacterial epidemic every few months. Even people who live in developed, modern… Read More

Positivity of Plastic Surgery, Stop the Body Shaming

body shaming towards plastic surgery patients

In today’s blog, Dr. Michael Omidi discusses America’s cultural of criticism caused by body shaming towards patients who have had cosmetic surgery. He then reveals the positive results plastic surgery can have on patient’s outlook on life. The Internet, Media and various social media platforms have created a culture of criticism towards beauty. Many news… Read More

New USC Study: As L.A. air pollution clears, health improves

In today’s blog, Dr. Michael Omidi discusses a new study published by colleagues at the USC Keck School of Medicine.  Researchers from at the University of Southern California say the Los Angeles’ reputation for air pollution might need to be amended. After conducting a 20-year study, which was published yesterday in the New England Journal… Read More