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Learning from the Healthiest Nations

Dr. Michael Omidi is an advocate for health and wellness, especially children’s health. In this article, Dr. Omidi addresses a recent Oxfam America report about the healthiest and unhealthiest nations. Which countries have the healthiest diets, and which ones have the worst? A new report from Oxfam America ranked nations according to overall obesity rates,… Read More

Florida No-Kill Shelter May Close Down

No-Kill Shelter May Close

In today’s blog, Dr. Michael Omidi discusses a Florida no-kill animal shelter that is facing closure. Pet abandonment is a major issue in the United States. The ASPCA estimates that between 6 and 8 million companion animals are admitted to shelters each year. And of those, nearly half are euthanized. These figures are heartbreaking for… Read More

Malnutrition in U.S. Greater than Suspected

Elderly malnutrition

The cost of a poor diet Dr. Michael Omidi discusses the surprising results of a study about malnutrition in the U.S. New research suggests that much of what we thought we knew about the subject is incorrect. A new academic study by the Journal of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (JPEN) pegs the national cost of… Read More

Elephant Abuse at South African Elephant Park


Dr. Michael Omidi discusses allegations of abuse at a widely visited South African elephant park, as well as the realities of abused elephant behavior. The SPCA recently accused the South African elephant park, Knysna Elephant Park and its rehabilitation center, Elephants of Eden, of abusing and torturing baby elephants for the purpose of training them… Read More

New Study Finds Sleep Deficiency a Factor in Childhood Obesity


Dr. Michael Omidi discusses a new study that found sleep deficiency to be a significant indicator of whether or not a child will struggle with obesity. Sleep is essential to the health, growth and development of children; it is a safe bet that every major medical study has concluded and will continue to conclude this. … Read More

Wild Dogs Causing Outbreaks of Rabies in Poorer Countries


In developing countries throughout Asia and Africa, the stray dog population is causing not only diminished quality of life for humans (dogs attacking people and their pets and livestock), but also a significant threat of preventable disease. Dr. Michael Omidi discusses how packs of wild dogs are causing outbreaks of rabies in poorer countries, and… Read More

Prescription Drug Addiction & New Drugs Approved by the FDA


Dr. Michael Omidi discusses prescription drug addiction, as well as new and questionable opiates being approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Prescription pain killers are becoming as big a threat to the American population as any number of highly addictive narcotics.  While we might instantly know that anyone who uses heroin on a regular… Read More

Civic Duty Spotlight: Graham Fowler – 4th Grader from Fridley, MN


We are always thrilled to hear of young people reaching out to others in order to improve their quality of life.  Dr. Michael Omidi spotlights Graham Fowler, a 4th grader from Fridley, Minnesota who has endured a dire prognosis and still channels his energies towards charitable endeavors. A brave 10-year-old Minnesota boy with an extremely… Read More

Risk of Death from Colon Cancer Increases with Obesity


Dr. Michael Omidi discusses a new study that obese people who are diagnosed with colon cancer have an increased risk of dying. Obesity is considered a chronic health disease that can lead to many other health problems like diabetes and a heart attack. A new study found that obese people who become diagnosed with colon… Read More

In the Spotlight: Martha Ryan – Founder of Homeless Prenatal Project


Dr. Michael Omidi, cofounder of Civic Duty, spotlights Martha Ryan, the founder of San Francisco’s the Homeless Prenatal Project, a service that offers needed assistance to pregnant homeless women. How can a person mired in poverty, possibly addicted to drugs or alcohol and suffering from mental disorders possibly make her situation worse?  By becoming pregnant.… Read More